Epoxy flooring is a synthetic resin floor system that is used to protect and or decorate concrete substrates.

The systems are typically made up of several layers of thermosetting resin that are coated, trowelled, or poured and applied to a concrete substrate.

Commercial and industrial flooring frequently uses epoxy floor coatings. In order to provide a high-performance, smooth, and long-lasting surface that can handle large loads and survive for many years, epoxy coatings are typically put over concrete floors.

Epoxy floors are used extensively in industrial settings, warehouses, and commercial structures to maintain hygienic and secure environments for personnel, machinery, and stock.


A high performance, rapid curing flooring product based on the latest polyaspartic / polurea technologies.

Polyaspartic provides excellent colour and gloss retention and is resistant to most fuels, oils, solvents and cleaners. It can be applied using traditional methods such as roller, squeegee or notched trowel application. With a tack free time of 30 – 60 minutes re-use times are incredibly short saving customers valuable production time.

It can be pigmented or applied as a crystal clear anti-yellowing top coat.


Concrete repair is the process of restoring a hardened concrete surface that has, over time, lost its capacity to keep the binders of concrete components together because of damage or exposure to the elements. For cracks, physical impacts, chipped surfaces, or surface scaling, concrete restoration is acceptable.


  • crack injections
  • fairing & reprofiling
  • primers & adhesives
  • protective coatings
  • repair mortars

anti-slip floor treatment

If you are looking for information on Non-Slip products in South Africa you are in the right place. Buildcoat is your local distributor and installer for your slippery floor requirements in all sectors of the market.

One of our products is a transparent liquid solution that improves the natural grip by amplifying the natural treads in the surface material of your floor or fixture. 

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Buildcoat Epoxy Floor Before

Buildcoat Epoxy Garage Floor Before

Buildcoat Epoxy Floor After

Buildcoat Epoxy Garage Floor After

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